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An update on the PSTN Closure and WLR withdrawl programme


“Last year, in 2018, OpenReach announced the closure of the telephone network in six years’ time at the end of 2025. Since the announcement, a series of consultations have been taking place with Industry.

The impact of the removal of the copper network, including tail circuits, telephone lines and more will be the biggest shakeup for UK telecoms since the privatisation of British Telecom in 1984. The rush to get Britain fibred is being led by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and is becoming increasingly important in the event of Brexit to ensure that the UK is ready to take on the world.” (Mike Thomas – Managing Director Innopsis (To find out more click here))

Ross Comfort, Head of Operations based at AdEPT’s Head Office in Tunbridge Wells was invited to speak about this pending closure and withdrawal by Innopsis, listen here to find out what Ross and Innopsis had to say.



Innopsis is the industry association for companies supplying Network Services to the Public Sector. To find out more click here

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