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About AdEPT

We are listed on the London Stock Exchange - ticker code ADT


Our Objectives

We are creating one of the UK’s first managed services companies with expertise in Connectivity, Unified Communications and IT Outsourcing – delivering solutions that underpin several thousand companies across the UK.

We offer services on-premise, in the public cloud or in our private cloud via our own ‘Nebula’ solution. Nebula is a highly adaptable, secure, unified platform that brings together data centres, a national MPLS network and unified communications – to help simplify the increasingly complex world of our clients. Nebula includes express access to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and other cloud platforms such as Oracle.

Our IT helpdesk teams support thousands of organisations across the UK. We provide a wide range of options for voice services and connect our clients diverse devices together in a secure, supported fashion – with both Apple & Microsoft support. As part of this we offer a range of Wi-Fi services addressing both indoor and outdoor requirements.

With market specialisms in education and public sector we are delivering tailored capability to hundreds of councils and hospitals, and thousands of schools.

The way we grow

We aim to grow organically and by acquisition. We have completed over 20 acquisitions to date and they fall into 2 categories: economies of scale deals whereby we bulk up one of our sites, or skillset deals where we acquire a new skillset and need to keep the technical staff and the site they operate from.

Our Customers

2/3rd’s of our revenues come from commercial customers – they range from well-known world-wide brand names to small businesses. 1/3rd of our revenue comes from the public sector: from central and local government, NHS and education. Our healthcare presence also includes 2/3rd’s of the private hospitals in London.

Some Operating Statistics to give you an idea of our scale

Office 365 users

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Paid users of our APPS

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